32 Battalion is known as one of the most successful combat units of the South African Defence Force during the Border War. It was a proud unit with a unique Esprit de Corps and in 2004 the 32 Bn Veterans Association was formed to encourage the continuation of the unit’s legacy and traditions.

Today the Association’s members are spread all over the globe, but they still honour their old unit and its unique Esprit de Corps.

The main aims of the 32Bn VA are:

  • To promote camaraderie between former members of 32 Battalion.
  • To preserve the heritage of 32 Battalion and encourage the continuation of its traditions.
  • To honour the memory of fallen 32Bn members.



Tree of Honour

Monuments and memorials to honour the fallen form an integral part of any military tradition and 32 Battalion was no exception.  For that purpose, the unit had a tree of remembrance or also known as the Tree of Honour which features the names of those members who were killed in action.  It is a leadwood stump of about three metres (10 feet) high which had been cut in the training area of the unit’s Caprivi Base, Buffalo.

After the relocation of the unit to South Africa, the tree had travelled with the unit – first to Pomfret and then to Zeerust. In 2008 the 32Bn VA took ownership of it and moved it to the Voortrekker Monument in Pretoria, where it forms part of the SADF Wall of Remembrance.

Address of the SADF Wall of Remembrance:
The Voortrekker Monument Heritage Site
Eeufees Road
Groenkloof, Pretoria

Coordinates: 25°46′ 35″ S 28°10′ 33″ E

Admission Daily:
08:00 – 17:00


The 32 Battalion Museum

The 32 Battalion Museum

The 32Bn Museum is located at:

The National Museum of Military History;
22 Erlswold Way, Saxonwold, Johannesburg, South Africa.

GPS Coordinates:
26°09′ 47″ S 28°02′ 30″ E

Admission Daily:
09:00 – 16:30

The Proelio Procusi Song

Since the early 1980’s the haunting song “Ride to Agadir”, composed by Mike Batt, had been adopted as the unit’s personal funeral dirge. At the 32Bn VA’s AGM in 2007 it was decided to replace the original words with words more fitting to the character of 32Bn. The words, together with an adaption of the music as well as the addition of a 32Bn Fire Plan were then used to create what is known today as the Proelio Procusi (Latin for “Forged in Battle”) or 32-Song. The song has become part of the 32Bn VA’s tribute to its dead.